Reading mode: Document vs Study

Corresponding to two reading scenarios: document reading and topic reading. The former is for fast reading and notes, while the latter integrates powerful studying tools for topic reading.

Display notes on margin

Book content and notes can be displayed in same view without blocking each other.

Editing a note as a card

Inserting Text, Hand-writing, Voice, Photo, Tags, etc

Auto-create MindMap from excerpts and table of contents

Automatically organize excerpts based on the Table of Contents

Drag to MindMap

Drag pdf selection, pictures, texts to MIndMap


Support automatic segmentation of excerpts and easily select keywords

Emphasize on Outline

Efficiently emphasis on multiple notes


The excerpt card can be automatically or manually OCR to text form for easy searching and further editing

Embedded Research Browser

Study keywords and easily drag and drop notes, Support Wikipedia, Google, Translator, etc

Multiple documents linking with one MindMap

Clipping content from multiple different documents and organizing in one MindMap

Multiple document views

MindMap integrated with Frameworks

Merge, Regroup, Link in MindMap

Search in MindMap

Direct typing notes in MindMap

Focus Mode

Focus mode allows you to manage and edit your brain map and outline in layers

Organize & Edit in Outline

Export MindMap Notebook

Export to OmniOutliner, MindManager, Evernote

Making Cloze Flashcards

Efficiently making Cloze Flashcards and quick review

Associate MindMap and Document when reviewing flashcards

Export to Anki

Manage notes by hashtags


Can recover accidentally deleted data

iCloud Sync